FP7 - Research Infrastructures

The overall objective of the ‘Research infrastructures’ part of the FP7 Capacities programme is to optimise the use and development of the best research infrastructures existing in Europe. Furthermore, it aims to help to create new research infrastructures of pan-European interest in all fields of science and technology. The European scientific community needs these to remain at the forefront of the advancement of research, and they will help industry to strengthen its base of knowledge and technological know how.

Why is it important?

Knowledge generation and, by implication, innovation, directly depend on the quality and availability of research infrastructures, which include facilities such as observatories, data banks, radiation sources and communication networks.

What will be funded?

Support to existing research infrastructures: .

  • Integrating Activities/I3 - providing a wider and more efficient access to, and use of existing research infrastructures
  • ICT-based e-Infrastructures (including Transnational Access)

Support of new research infrastructures:
There is a strong interconnection between research infrastructures and the ESFRI-Roadmap

  • Design Studies
  • Construction of new infrastructures

Accompanying Measures

  • Policy development
  • Programme implementation and support to emerging needs

The EU Member States have earmarked over € 1.8 billion for funding this theme over the duration of FP7.