DESY nahm an 19 FP6-Projekten teil


General Information

Behind the 6th Framework Programme is a different concept that potential participants need to fully understand if they are to be successful.

The EU has agreed at the highest political level to a concept called the ‘European Research Area’ (ERA). Just like the opening of trade markets has led to the Single Market, so the opening up of research into a single common area will benefit research generally.

But realising this ‘European Research Area’ is a challenge for the EU, its Member States, and the research community. In respect of the EU, its main instrument of research is the Framework Programmes. Thus FP6 will channel its budget into actions and projects designed to build the ERA in partnership with Europe’s best researchers.

Where previous Framework Programmes have been divided into several ‘vertical’ Programmes around research topics and ‘horizontal’ Programmes that cut across research areas, FP6 is divided into just two Specific Programmes. The first Programme has two objectives - ‘Integrating and Strengthening’ the ERA, while the second Programme has the objective ‘Structuring’ the ERA.

FP6 include the years 2002 to 2007 with a total budget of € 17,5 billion for research and development.