EU Project - Office


The EU Project Office (EUP) supports scientists at DESY in order to carry out EU projects successfully in all project phases - from the submission of proposals to the final report. Moreover, EUP is the central contact point at DESY for all questions and information concerning EU research funding.

Consulting & Information
as well as assistance with the submission of EU project proposals and the efficient project implementation:

Head of EUP: Dr. Ute Krell
(bldg. 25b room 209), tel. 4508

Administrative Assistant
Petra Ullmann (bldg. 25b room 211), tel.: 3351

EU Proposal Consulting
as well as administrative assistance and financial controlling:

Dr. Bianca Schlawin (bldg. 25b room 208), tel.: 3132

EU Project Management & Implementation
as well as administrative assistance and financial controlling:

Jana Görner (bldg. 25b room 210), tel.: 4512
Beatrix Bugla (bldg. 25b room 210), tel.: 2888
Dr. Isabelle Preisner -currently on maternity leave-

CREMLINplus Project Management Assistance

Tom Minniberger (bldg. 25b room 211), tel.: 5022

EU Project Coordination, LEAPS and LEAPS-INNOV
-Deputy Group Leader EUP-

Dr. Julia Hauk (bldg. 25b room 211), tel.: 2831


Greta Facile (bldg. 25b room 210), tel.: 2812

Postal Address:
Notkestr. 85
D-22607 Hamburg
Fax: +49 40 8998-4475